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Dress Code

Dress Code

All students and staff are required to dress modestly. Students who are not in compliance with the dress code will be informed of their violation and depending on severity, parents may be called and/or a note may be sent home for their parents. 

General Policy

  • Sleeveless shirts or shirts which expose the stomach area are prohibited
  • Shirts with distracting, obscene or vulgar words/graphics are prohibited
  • Pants must be full-length and loose fitting, but not baggy
  • Slouching, low-riding or tight pants are not acceptable – ensure pants do not expose any undergarments of any kind
  • Ballcaps are prohibited
  • Flip-flops and sandals present a safety challenge for recess & gym and activities may be restricted to prevent injury

Additional Requirements for Girls

With the afternoon Zuhr prayer performed in congregation during the school day, the following are additional expectations for girls and young women in accordance with this requirement.

  • Loose fitting, long sleeve shirts should be worn which cover the body appropriately
  • Hijab is required – no hair may be visible while on the school premises