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Parent Teacher Organization

The MEC Sunday School PTO provides a structured forum for parents to be involved in activities to enhance children’s experience at school. Current programs include lunch and special events. PTO efforts are also meant to assist the school in meeting its goals.  

PTO Structure

PTO Board:

Consists of four officers nominated and elected from parents or teachers at the school.

  • Chair: Abdullah Al-Aidroos
  • Co-Chair: Najma Hassan
  • Treasurer: Kamran Syed Husain
  • Secretary: Samra Cheema

PTO Sub-committees: **Please note: All activities will be updated as we transition from post-COVID-to-current school year. All updates will be posted here.**

We will be branching the PTO into various sub-committees that will be incharge of the many activities that take place at the school. The goal is to incorporate new thoughts, ideas, and input from all our parents and empower them to make a difference in the weekly experience of their children at the Sunday school. You are welcome to sign up for more than one position. For details on each of the positions listed below please click here. For additional information and questions, feel free to reach out to us directly at

  • Hospitality Committees
    • PTO Sponsored Food – 1 Chair Needed
    • Weekly Food Sale –
    • Staff Appreciation Week – 1 Chair Needed
  • Event Committees
    • Seerat-un-Nabi Program –
    • Intra-School Qirat Competition – 2 Chairs Needed
    • Inter-School Qirat Competition – 2 Chairs Needed
    • Full School Graduation Event – 2 Chairs Needed
    • Staff Appreciation Event – 2 Chairs Needed
  • Programs
    • Student Enrichment – 2 Chairs Needed
    • Parent Activities – 1 More Chair Needed
  • Administrative
    • Open House
    • Picture Day – 1 Chair Needed
    • Lunch – Hina Moten
    • Gym – 1 More Chair Needed
    • Lost & Found – 1 Chair Needed

Weekly Volunteer Opportunities

We’re always in need of volunteers willing to help with activities around the school. To view a list of current needs, please click here. Please remember to create a user account for the signup because it makes it easier for you to change your sign-up at a later time.

General Body Meetings

Meetings are held periodically where all MEC Sunday School parents are invited to discuss important topics relevant to the school and current on going work by the PTO.

2023-2024 School Year

2019-2020 School Year

2018-2019 School Year

Lunch Information

We serve a slice of pizza and water to all our students. If children want a second slice, they can purchase it for $1/slice. You are welcome to send your children with lunch if you prefer something other than pizza. However, please make sure it is nut-free. You’re encouraged to send the kids with a spill-proof water bottle, as well.

Allergies: Some children are not able to partake in the cheese pizza lunch due to various food allergies. In an effort to accommodate children with food allergies, we will provide alternate snacks. Only children listed on our allergy list will be offered one of the alternative snacks based upon food allergies indicated at the time of school registration. Please fill out this form to select a snack for your child if they have allergies.

After School Food Sale: Temporarily paused.

We have a food sale after school every Sunday starting at 1:30pm. We try to have pizza, a variety of snacks, and occasionally food items from local restaurants or our in-house MEC Chef. All proceeds from food sales go to fund programs and activities for our Sunday school.

Quran/Tajweed Resources

A list of quran and tajweed programs in the local community and online has been compiled to assist parents of MEC sunday school students in finding additional assistance. Please click here to view. If you would like to recommend any individual or group based on your personal experience for this list please email their contact information to We will be happy to contact them and review how they can be added to our list.

Parent Activities: Temporarily paused.

We have a program for parents of Sunday school students where we discuss topics relevant to us. Please note the new timing for this program. Why not come in for a discussion while you wait for students to be dismissed. We meet on a biweekly basis and adopt a topic to discuss. The program will be led by our teacher and Theology department head, Sister Hannah Sattar. We hope everyone will use this opportunity to meet fellow parents and learn from each other.

  • Parent activities will be updated for the year 2023-24 school year.
  • October 6th, 2019 (1:40-2:10pm): Introductions
  • October 20th, 2019 (1:40-2:10pm): Faith in Action in the Home
  • November 3rd, 2019 (1:40-2:10pm): Building Relationships with my Kids
  • November 17th, 2019 (1:40-2:10pm): Building Relationships with my Kids (con’t)
  • December 15th, 2019 (10:15-10:45am): Positive Parenting

    Community Service

    Temporarily paused

    MEC Sunday School will be hosting their first Bagged Lunch event in collaboration with Project Rizq!

    Making fresh bagged lunches for people in need will be an opportunity for students to realize and acknowledge the reality of hunger in our communities. Through the process they will see how they can make a positive impact first hand.

    Students will make lunches consisting of bagels and cream cheese, fruits, snacks, and a drink. They will also write a personalized note for each recipient. These lunches will then be delivered to a community center and soup kitchen, Cornerstone, in the city for distribution.

    This event takes place on February 9th. We welcome donations of juice boxes or packaged snacks from all participants. Please send these in by February 2nd so we can plan accordingly for additional supplies.

    Following is brief overview about Project Rizq:

    Project Rizq was started in Ramadan 2014 by a few college students who hoped to help battle hunger that countless local families face. As a result, we worked with our mosque board, who funds the project, to create a lasting and consistent effort. With the help of many volunteers, we meet twice a month to package food boxes filled with various nonperishable food items for local families in need. We make about 100 boxes each time, and the boxes are delivered to one of two facilities in the city where families come to pick them up. We also host seasonal drives such as back to school supply drives, winter clothing drives, thanksgiving dinners, Ramadan goody bag drives, and Eid Toy drives. We meet the second and last Sunday of every month at the Muslim Education Center (MEC) in Morton Grove, IL from 11am-12:30pm to make these boxes. You can contribute to Project Rizq by volunteering your time to make these food boxes with us or donating via quickpay, PayPal, or venmo to

    Parent Survey: Temporarily paused.

    The results are in from the parent survey conducted in the 2019-2020 school year. Many concerns came up as a result of this survey and the school will ensure that all of them are addressed adequately, inshAllah. To view results click here.