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About Us Community. Identity. Positive Change.

We are a weekend Islamic school committed to providing Islamic knowledge, values, and morals to instill a sense of community and identity for the next generation of Muslim Americans. We strive to prepare students intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually to succeed and make positive change in tomorrow’s world. Our school is built on the principles of giving quality service and providing Islamic education.

Our 40 years of service have helped establish our place in Islamic education.

Today, we continue make a distinctive and substantial impact on our community by adapting to trends, listening to students and parents alike, and continually improving our standards.

Who can attend?

To be admitted, children should be five (5) years old by September 1 of the upcoming school year.  For younger grades, children should be potty-trained. MEC Sunday School is not a daycare and the classrooms are not equipped for diapering/potty training.

Children should be able to interact with peers, guides, and other adults. Students are expected to adhere to our Dress Code which is viewable here.

Children are placed one grade level above their public/private school equivalent. For example, Kindergarteners in public school are placed in 1st Grade for Sunday School whereas 1st Graders in public school are placed in 2nd Grade in Sunday School, etc. through our 10th Grade (9th Grade equivalent in public schools).

What is taught?

We have four areas of special focus in Islamic studies:

  1. Nazirah/Tajweed
  2. Quran & Arabic Language
  3. Seerah/History
  4. Theology

School hours are 10:00am – 2:10pm. There are breaks in the middle of the day to accommodate lunch, recess/gym, and the afternoon Zuhr prayer at 1:10pm.

While each individual is responsible for his/her actions, acquiring quality Islamic knowledge is a joint responsibility of the student, school, family and community. There’s no substitute for Islamic ideals provided by parents and caretakers. Our Islamic school’s purpose, in your child’s broader Islamic journey, is to assist you in facilitating your child’s learning through a formal setting focused on imparting Imaan and Ikhlaq.

What if I have some ideas?

We’re always open to suggestions. If you’d like to contribute thoughts, please click here.

Who runs the school?

The policies and procedures of MEC Sunday School are governed by MCC Part-Time School Council. The council is also responsible for the annual school calendar, curricula, textbooks and other programs common across all MCC weekend schools.

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How do I register?

Registration for the current year runs through December 15 however if you’re new to the area or interested in learning more about the school, please contact us to schedule a call or appointment.

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