Hadith of the week- April 30, 2023

Prophet Muhammad (S) would never proceed to the Eid ul Fitr prayer unless he
had eaten some dates. (Bukhari)

Penny Drive
Alhamdulillah, through their hard work and generosity, our students were able to raise $1200 for humanitarian efforts in Turkey and Syria. May Allah swt accept their efforts, ameen. 

Girl’s Talk Program
Alhamdulillah, we had a successful Girl’s Talk program. We had nearly forty girls in attendance. We look forward to continuing this program next year in Sha Allah. 

Upcoming Events

Boy’s Talk Program – May 7th, (MEC SS) grades 6th-10th. 
Eid Fest – May 13th, Saturday. More details to follow. 
Tajweed & Seerah final exams – May 14th please contact your student’s teachers for study guides if not already provided. 
Picture Day – May 14th. 
Quran & Arabic Language and Theology final exams – May 21st

Boy’s Talk – May 7th
Like the Girl’s Talk, 6-10 boys will attend an all-day program in the community hall after assembly. Teachers will adjust any assignments, etc., to accommodate. Please register your sons in grades 6-10 as soon as possible so we can make arrangements. The deadline is April 29th.  https://forms.gle/Er6fTjwY6nF3NE9y6

Eid Fest – May 13th, Saturday 12p-4p
We are pleased to have our Eid Fest Pot Luck at Skokie Sports Park!  https://www.skokieparks.org/skokie-sports-park/
Please sign up here to register:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C084DADAC29ABFFC25-mecsunday

Picture Day – May 14th
All students will have their class pictures taken during their class break times. Please be sure your student is dressed in Islamically appropriate attire.

Tajweed & Seerah final exams – May 14th
Please contact your student’s teachers for any questions related to the study guides or exams. 

Quran & Arabic Language and Theology final exams – May 21st
Please contact your student’s teachers for any questions related to the study guides or exams. 

Graduating Class
Please note that we will visit your graduating students during their break to finalize graduation details. More details to follow. 

Turkey & Syria
MEC Sunday School is partnering with Helping Hands USA to raise funds for Turkey and Syria.  

Please share the following link and attached flyer widely:

Dhuhr Salah

Dhuhr Salah in the school and masjid will begin promptly at 1:40pm. 

Please see the enclosed list of class grade/sections who will be performing Dhuhr Salah in the masjid.
Dismissal from the school and masjid 1:50pm

We highly encourage parents to come and pray with their students in the masjid to give them a feeling of safety and community. We also ask parents to be patient during dismissal as we safely navigate students from different areas. 

Please consider signing up to volunteer during dismissal time.  https://forms.gle/isn1m6BigqCa2XWDA.

Google Classroom
Please use the following information to log into Google Classroom or reset password:

Email: firstname.lastname@mecsundayschool.org
DOB in the following format, including dashes: yyyy-mm-dd
If you have issues with the password, use the “forgot password” option to reset the password. If you continue to have any issues with Google Classroom, please contact Br. Afan at Afan@mecsundayschool.org