Hadith of the week- April 9, 2023

Prophet Muhammad (S) would recite on Laylatul Qadr: Oh Allah you certainly
love to forgive so forgive me. (Tirmidhi)

Absences and Tardiness
Of late, we’ve noticed an increase in student absences and tardiness. Many parents have also contacted us asking if we’re still in session for Ramadan.
We understand this is the time of year in which students fall into a slump. Most are recovering from spring breaks while awaiting the summer holidays, so these interim days weigh heavy.
Firstly, we are in session throughout Ramadan. Your students are expected to participate in charitable events in the blessed month of Ramadan to help them learn the importance of giving to others. Therefore, we will only break for Eid, April 23rd.
Secondly, your student(s) must regularly attend because absences and tardiness will affect their performance and grades. Unless there is a valid reason for being tardy or absent, every student is expected to attend Sunday School on time. Do not let your student’s education falter. 

By now, you should have received your student’s midterm grades. We appreciate your patience while we sorted out technical issues regarding the midterm grades. Please directly contact your student’s teachers for any issues or questions. 

Upcoming Events: More details will be shared regarding these events.
MEC Rehab & Welfare Committee’s Toy Wrapping Drive- April 16th
Girl’s Talk Program – April 30th, grades 6-10

Girl’s Talk Program
Please see the attached flyer and letter detailing the Girl’s Talk program scheduled for April 30th. The link to register your daughter is https://forms.gle/Y31Ut496cDdknSdV6. Please register as soon as possible so we can make accommodations. 

Turkey & Syria
MEC Sunday School is partnering with Helping Hands USA to raise funds for Turkey and Syria.  

Please share the following link and attached flyer widely:

Classroom Penny Drive
Masha’Allah, our penny drive is off to a great start! Please send pennies with your students, talk to them about the penny drive, and encourage discussions surrounding charity. 
Dhuhr Salah

Dhuhr Salah in the school and masjid will begin promptly at 1:40pm. 

Please see the enclosed list of class grade/sections who will be performing Dhuhr Salah in the masjid.
Dismissal from the school and masjid 1:50pm

We highly encourage parents to come and pray with their students in the masjid to give them a feeling of safety and community. We also ask parents to be patient during dismissal as we safely navigate students from different areas. 

Please consider signing up to volunteer during dismissal time.  https://forms.gle/isn1m6BigqCa2XWDA.

Google Classroom
Please use the following information to log into Google Classroom or reset password:

Email: firstname.lastname@mecsundayschool.org
DOB in the following format, including dashes: yyyy-mm-dd
If you have issues with the password, use the “forgot password” option to reset the password. If you continue to have any issues with Google Classroom, please contact Br. Afan at Afan@mecsundayschool.org