Hadith of the week- Jan. 22, 2023

Prophet Muhammad (S) said: He has succeeded who embraces Islam, whose
provision is sufficient, and whom Allah has made content with what he has given
him. (Sahih Muslim)

Crazy Hat/Hijab Day
Sunday, Jan. 22nd, will be Crazy Hat & Hijab Day. Students are encouraged to come to school with their most creative hats and hijabs. Please keep all attire Islamically appropriate.

Ramadan Prep Competition
Sr. Summaya Ali has created a competition for our students to prepare them for Ramadan. Please see the attached flyer for further directions and information. 

Dhuhr Salah
All Classes will end at 1:30pm 
*In-classroom Dhuhr prayer at 1:30pm
**Wudu and arriving in the masjid 1:30pm-1:40pm
Salah will begin promptly at 1:40pm 

Dismissal from the school 1:40pm-1:50pm
Dismissal from the masjid 1:50pm 

We highly encourage parents to come and pray with their students in the masjid to give them a feeling of safety and community. We also ask parents to be patient during dismissal as we safely navigate students from different areas. 

Please consider signing up to volunteer during dismissal time.  https://forms.gle/isn1m6BigqCa2XWDA.

Google Classroom
Please be sure to have accepted your invitations to your Google Classrooms and ensure your student reviews the posted midterm study guide(s) per class.

Updated Google Classroom Information

Please use the following information to log into Google Classroom
Email: firstname.lastname@mecsundayschool.org
DOB in the following format, including dashes: yyyy-mm-dd
If you have issues with the password, use the “forgot password” option to reset the password. 
If you continue to have any issues with Google Classroom, please contact Br. Afan at Afan@mecsundayschool.org

Mid-Term Exams Schedule

  • Sunday, 1/22: Quran and Theology

Tips to prepare for Mid-terms
Please be sure your student has a good night’s sleep. A good breakfast is key to concentration, so please don’t skip this. Reach out to your student’s teachers for any questions regarding study materials.