Welcome to the 2023-24 School Year! 🏫

Hadith: Prophet Muhammad (S) said: Whoever takes a path to seek knowledge, Allah
makes the path to paradise easy for him. (Tirmidhi)

Registration Update

We are now at capacity. If you wish to be added to the waitlist please follow this link.


Please contact prinicipal@mecsundayschool.org and registrar@mecsundayschool.org with any issues.

Unpaid Tuition

Please email the principal@mecsundayschool.org to set up an appointment to pay any remaining tuition fees. Please note: Any unpaid 2022-2023 tuition will pause your registration from being confirmed for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.
You may email the principal and registrar to set up a time to pay your tuition.

Book Sales

We will provide information in upcoming week as to book sales. Some books are on order. Books will not be needed first day of school Sunday, 9/10.

First Day of School – Sunday, Sept. 10th, 10:00am

We are excited to welcome back our students for the new year! Please note the following:

  1. Students will arrive at the Morton Grove campus at 10am and proceed directly to the gym where they will line up according to their classes for assembly. 
  2. All students are required to adhere to the school’s attire policy which is Islamic-appropriate clothing, clean socks, and closed-toe shoes. Please refer to the Student Handbook for details. Girls must wear hijabs and no tight clothing. Sandals or bare feet are not permitted.
  3. After assembly, students will be escorted to their respective classes by their Teachers and TAs.
    Students will have two morning classes then break for snacks and gym time and then attend two afternoon classes after which all students will attend Dhuhr salah in the masjid. If your student’s teacher decides to pray in the classroom then they will communicate as such.
    Parents are highly encouraged to attend Dhuhr salah with their students.
  4. Dismissal is at 1:50p from the masjid side or school side if they prayed in the classroom.
    Parents are highly encouraged to attend Dhuhr salah with their students.
    We ask all parents to be patient and respectful as we release students safely.
  5. Parents can expect welcome letters from your student’s teachers soon. Jazak Allah Khairan.