Updates for the week of Dec. 3, 2023

Hadith: Prophet Muhammad (S) said: Verily Allah is pure and does not accept anything
but what is pure. (Muslim)

As-salaam mu’alaiykum Parents,
🎉🎊Welcome to week twelve of Sunday School 🏫. 🎊🎉

Upcoming Calendar Events:
🕋 Dec. 3rd: Internal Qirat Competition & Skokie Public Library Visit
✅ Dec. 10th: General MCC Elections
💬 Dec. 17th: Boy’s Talk & Study Guides 

🕋 Dec. 3rd: Internal Qirat Competition: There will be no assembly on this day. Students will report directly to first-period classes. Competitors will be escorted to the gym for the competition. Please check with your student’s Tajweed teacher for any questions. The program is attached. 

    Expectations: Parents, we share in your excitement about the competition, but in order for the program to run smoothly and within the time allotted, we ask that you please limit any distractions. No phone calls or loud talking in the gym. No food or drink is permitted in the gym. Food will be available downstairs in the banquet hall. We have our youngest competitors taking part this year, and to encourage them, we ask that you please refrain from any cheering or loud talking so that they and the judges may focus.

📚Dec. 3rd: Skokie Public Library Visit: Library Director Richard Kong and Community Engagement Librarian Lorrie Fisher will visit our school on Sunday. They will have a table in the lobby where parents and families are encouraged to stop by and talk to them. Sign up for a library card on the spot, and ask about programming and resources for the whole family! See what the library has to offer! 

Dec. 10th: General MCC Elections: 10a-3p at MEC & MCC locations.

💬 Dec. 17th: Boy’s Talk: Maulana Kamran will lead the discussion for boys with engaging activities and programming. If you have not done so already, please register your sons in grades 6-10 here  https://forms.gle/bzZnbNBUBJDNddUY6

📖Dec. 17th: Study Guides will be passed out to students to prepare for midterms in Jan. 2024

Parking Lot Safety
Unfortunately, we have recently seen a number of near-misses in the parking lot because parents are speeding and not paying attention. We must remind everyone to follow proper protocol for dropping off and picking up students. Do not speed. Pay attention and slow down. Come to a complete stop when dropping off or picking up students. When parking your car, be mindful of who and what is around you. Show some patience. 

Google Classroom
A substantial number of students have not yet accepted their Google Classroom invites. Not doing so will prevent them from participating in Google Classroom, the main communication mode for teachers. All school work, homework, and information is posted there. Please have your students log in to their Google school accounts and accept the invites so that they may be updated. 

We are partnering with Helping Hands Chicago to provide relief funds for the following:
Morocco https://hhrd.org/MEC4Morocco
Libya https://hhrd.org/MEC4Libya
Palestine https://hhrd.org/MEC4Palestine

We will be launching a winter coat drive shortly. More information will be shared soon. 

Students are provided pizza for snacks. If your student requires additional snacks, please send nutritious options from home. Students are not allowed to share snacks due to food allergies in a portion of our student body. The vending machine is off-limits to students. 

Phone and Electronic Devices
We have had a number of incidents where students have used phones during their school day. Phones are not allowed unless specially required for a class assignment or project. If a student is using their phone without permission, it will be confiscated for the duration of the school day, and they will need to retrieve it from the office. Repeated offenses will result in detention. We have also had students bringing in Switch devices and other electronics. These are not permitted during school hours. MEC Sunday School will not be liable for the loss or theft of any electronic device. Please have your students refrain from bringing in any such devices. 

We are now beginning the season of events at MEC Sunday School. Some events might affect assembly or gym times. It is imperative for parents to make every attempt to get students to school on time so we can make announcements about upcoming programs and expectations from our students and families.  Students are expected to arrive at 10 a.m. in the gym. First-period classes start at 10:15 a.m. 

Book Sales
The online MEC Sunday School bookstore is available for you to purchase your student’s book. The updated booklist is attached. Please use the following link:


Reusable Water Bottles
We are slowly phasing out plastic water bottles and have limited quantities to encourage our students to use reusable water bottles. So please send a reusable water bottle with your student. 

Please contact Br. Abubakr Al-Aidroos, MEC Sunday School Registrar, for any questions or issues regarding registration. abubakr.alaidroos@mecsundayschool.org.

Jazak Allah Khairan,