Updates for the week of Mar. 31, 2024

Hadith: Prophet Muhammad (S) said: Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan
acknowledging its limits and guarding what should be guarded, then it will be a
forgiveness for the sins which came before it. (Musnad Ahmad)

πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠWelcome to Sunday School News πŸ«πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

β˜ͺ️Ramadan Mubarak!

Mar. 30th: Virtual Author Visit: Shifa Safadi

Location: This is a Zoom web conference. You can join this meeting from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82030449070
One tap mobile: +1 309 205 3325,,82030449070# +1 312 626 6799,,82030449070# You can also dial in using your phone. US: +1 309 205 3325, +1 312 626 6799, +1 646 931 3860, +1 929 205 6099, +1 301 715 8592, +1 305 224 1968, +1 346 248 7799, +1 360 209 5623, +1 386 347 5053, +1 507 473 4847, +1 564 217 2000, +1 669 444 9171, +1 669 900 6833, +16892781000, +1 719 359 4580, +1 253 205 0468, +1 253 215 8782 Meeting ID: 820-304-49070 Find your local number: https://us06web.zoom.us/u/kbtZX2ib7w

 Mar. 31st: Seerat un Nabi Program please see attached flyer
   Parents, please have your students dressed in their finest Islamic attire! 

πŸ—³οΈ Mar. 31st: Principal Nomination Form: The Principal Nomination Committee has forms for parents to fill out to nominate a candidate for the role of principal for the 2024-35 school year. Please stop by the desk in the lobby and take a few minutes to nominate a candidate. 
πŸ“–Apr. 7th: Study guides will be given to students
β˜ͺ️Apr. 14thEid Break – No School 


Registrar Hours
Br. Abubakr is available to help with any technical or registration queries. Please see attached flyer.

Student Attire πŸ‘€
***Parents, please note: we will call parents to pick up students or drop off proper attire if the students arrive in inappropriate clothing. We have had students show up in slippers and such. Please refer to the handbook for the policy on student attire.***
We are in between seasons, so please make sure your students are warm enough and wearing gym shoes and clean socks. 

If your student will be absent, please contact their teachers to inform them and resolve any schoolwork issues. You should know your student’s Seerah, Theology, Tajweed, and Quran teachers and their contacts. If you are unsure, please contact Admin. 

We are still seeing a significant number of students arriving late. Parents must make every attempt to get students to school on time so we can make announcements about upcoming programs and expectations from our students and families.  Students are expected to arrive at 10 a.m. in the gym. First-period classes start at 10:15 a.m. 

Parents, please note that due to recent incidents involving illegal photographing and videotaping of students, we will be enforcing a “no-phone” policy. Phones are not allowed to be used during school hours unless for classroom instruction. Violations will result in the electronics being confiscated until the end of the day. 

Again, we must remind parents that students cannot bring electronics to school (i.e.: Switch games, etc.)

Coming Prepared

For students to be successful, they must be equipped with the proper tools, such as pencils and notebooks. It is unfortunate how many of our students come to school with nothing. When it is time to write notes, they scramble for pencils and paper. As with public school students, please have your students come to school with pencils and notebooks. 

Parking Lot Safety
Unfortunately, we have recently seen a number of near-misses in the parking lot because parents are speeding and not paying attention. We must remind everyone to follow proper protocol for dropping off and picking up students. Do not speed. Pay attention and slow down. Come to a complete stop when dropping off or picking up students. When parking your car, be mindful of who and what is around you. Show some patience. 

Google Classroom
A substantial number of students have not yet accepted their Google Classroom invites. Not doing so will prevent them from participating in Google Classroom, the main communication mode for teachers. All school work, homework, and information is posted there. Please have your students log in to their Google school accounts and accept the invites so that they may be updated. 
For all Google Classroom issues, please contact Br. Abubakr Alaidroos abubakr.alaidroos@mecsundayschool.org

***As you all are aware, the situation in Gaza is substantially getting worse. Please consider giving your charitable donations to our partners at Helping Hand Chicago. 
We are partnering with Helping Hands Chicago to provide relief funds for the following:
Palestine https://hhrd.org/MEC4Palestine
Morocco https://hhrd.org/MEC4Morocco
Libya https://hhrd.org/MEC4Libya

Our dedicated teacher, Mrs. Zainab Musleh, has crocheted a number of items to raise funds for Palestine. Please stop by the office to buy. 

Students are provided pizza for snacks. If your student requires additional snacks, please send nutritious options from home. Students are not allowed to share snacks due to food allergies in a portion of our student body. The vending machine is off-limits to students. 
***A number of students are eating pizza despite having food allergies. Parents, please be mindful of your student’s dietary needs. If they cannot eat pizza send a nutritious alternative from home.

Phone and Electronic Devices  Reminder please do not bring electronic games or devices. They will be confiscated till the end of the day. 
We have had a number of incidents where students have used phones during their school day. Phones are not allowed unless specially required for a class assignment or project. If a student is using their phone without permission, it will be confiscated for the duration of the school day, and they will need to retrieve it from the office. Repeated offenses will result in detention. We have also had students bringing in Switch devices and other electronics. These are not permitted during school hours. MEC Sunday School will not be liable for the loss or theft of any electronic device. Please have your students refrain from bringing in any such devices. 

Book Sales
The online MEC Sunday School bookstore is available for you to purchase your student’s book. The updated booklist is attached. Please use the following link:


Reusable Water Bottles
We are slowly phasing out plastic water bottles and have limited quantities to encourage our students to use reusable water bottles. So please send a reusable water bottle with your student. 

Please contact Br. Abubakr Al-Aidroos, MEC Sunday School Registrar, for any questions or issues regarding registration. abubakr.alaidroos@mecsundayschool.org.

Jazak Allah Khairan,